Monday, April 4, 2011

To Our Love, Send a Dozen White Lilies

Dreams. Been having detailed, extravagant work dreams, where my job is kind of like living on a huge, stressful cruise ship where I can hide easily but still have responsibilities and pressures dogging me at every turn. And elevators. Lots of waiting on elevators, getting on the wrong elevators, not seeing the right buttons, trying to avoid talking to people. I Googled "elevator dreams" and found that they're quite common, but are usually more nightmarish, like with the elevator speeding up uncontrollably and shooting through the top of the building. I think my elevators are just indicators of stress. Also having dreams where I'm arguing with loved ones and searching desperately for people and questioning motives's been exhausting, really.

Food. I lost about six pounds, then gained some back, and at this point have lost about 5.4 pounds total. But it seems like days and days go by where all I want to do is eat crackers and drink wine. Some days it's so easy to stay on track. I need more of those days. Any suggestions?

Music. All I want to listen to lately are 60s and 70s lady folk singers. This past Saturday I pulled out Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' The Boatman's Call for the first time in about 10 years and now I can't stop listening to it. It's such a deep plunge into the psyche. Just what I need right now.

Clothes. Trying to summon spring: