Friday, July 22, 2011

Casual Friday

Today is a rare "Casual Friday" at work, in honor of the heatwave. Our casual days are few, far between and fraught with drama re: what's appropriate.

So I just wore a skirt, tank top and cardigan. I love these sandals but they're wearing out. They probably have one more summer left in them.

Things I Haven't Accomplished Lately, Summer Edition:
  1. Running a 5K this weekend. Too hot! No way. Plus I haven't been training. I blame my coach, a skinny millennial who overuses the word "bitch" and was inconveniently out of the country for a couple weeks on personal business. Like I'm supposed to run while she's gallivanting around Scotland? She's never even heard of Camera Obscura!
  2. Getting through the stack of books on my bedside table. It keeps growing. I just got a new parenting book and "No one belongs here more than you" by Miranda July. Am currently working my way through "Women, Food and God."
  3. Doing a decent mani. I painted my toenails for our family vacation but since then it's been a bust! My poor nails. Maybe tonight.
  4. Updating my blog. I know! I have a few drafts in the works. Miss me?

No makeup today. Take that, world!

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  1. Bitch! Why are you talking smack on me?? Jerk.