Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And Loses Herself in Her Dreaming and Sleep

I don't know about this outfit, you guys. It's looking a little "Andie from Pretty in Pink goes on a job interview."

Still trying to figure out how to wear this dress. I think I really need to thread a ribbon through the belt loop. We shall see. It will probably get thrown to the wayside soon anyway because there's no way I'm wearing it without tights, and hopefully, spring is FINALLY on its way!

NOTD: Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Spring 2009 Night Hydrangea

I now have four polishes from this collection: Nasturtium, Beet Stain, Azalea and Night Hydrangea; I got them all on eBay. In real life, this one is much brighter with a subtle yet sparkly shimmer. I love it but it's really more of an evening polish for fingers; it'll be good for toes, though.

Happy Wednesday! I love you and too much. :)

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  1. as long as the tights match, that should be cute :) although, I like tights with funny patterns :)