Thursday, December 9, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Fall 2010 - Fedora

Yes, it's another taupe/mushroom/greige. I actually had on a black in between my previous taupe and this one--Midnight in NY, from the SH Tracy Reese Spring 2010 collection.* It was gorgeous but I find that darker shades dull more quickly so I wanted to try another light before indulging in a new plum or brown.

So here it is:

It has a subtle gold shimmer which isn't all that visible even in real life. Please excuse the sad state of my cuticles; it's quite frosty here and my poor hands are paying the price.

Clutching a copy of "The Four Seasons: Japanese Haiku Second Series." An ancient hardcover that calms my psyche when cubicle life gets too stimulating.

*But before Midnight in NY I had on Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm...which SHOULD have been gorgeous but was applied by an old man during what shall forever be referred to as The Worst Manicure Of My Life. A story for another time.

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