Monday, December 6, 2010

Rock on, Ancient Queen

You guys. I got the boots.

Look, look! Are they not amazing? I mean, really.

As soon as I put them on, the opening strains of "Gold Dust Woman" start playing. Are they comfortable, you ask? Well. They're not uncomfortable. And they are the only boots I own that are super roomy around the leg. I could fit legwarmers in them. I just might.

I do feel slightly nuts wearing them, but it's worth it because they're so awesome. I was a bit wary the first day. I came out of the bedroom to ask my husband what he thought.

Me: " I look insane?"
Him: (Looks at my outfit, up and down) "No. It looks like some 'What Would Stevie Nicks Wear to the Office' shit."
Me: (Walks up next to him) "Hey! I'm so tall!"
Him: "You sound insane."

Whatever! Added bonus: they really complement the carpet in my office:

Are you ready, boots?


  1. Awesome boots. I would kill myself walking in them, but I love that you are busting out the fun footware for work!

  2. did you take those pics in your office? those are mighty hot ;)