Thursday, December 9, 2010

This I Accomplished This Week (ish)

I often feel like I don't do jack, ever, but making these lists makes me realize how productive and brilliant I truly am. Hence:
  1. Discovered that I can drive in four-inch platform boots.
  2. Downloaded the GLEE CHRISTMAS ALBUM! (Suck it, haters!)
  3. Watched this Harry Nilsson documentary. It was tops.
  4. Found and purchased my daughter's Christmas dress. Red corduroy with smocking, sigh.
  5. Almost, nearly finished my Christmas shopping.
  6. Made both apple AND zucchini muffins.
  7. Found adorable pink cameo earrings on super clearance that will prob fall apart ASAP but will also look super cute next week with JEANS AT WORK! Yes, it's happening...a Christmas miracle, thanks to the volatile real estate market (both residential and commercial).
  8. Got my mitts on some LE (that's limited edition, to you sane ones) cosmetics for super cheap. Including Revlon Demure, oh it's going to be a lovely Spring!
  9. Rocked out to Kate Bush in my car almost every morning.
  10. Ordered my Warby Parker sample frames. Look out for pics and even a chance to VOTE!
Damn! I really need to pace myself.

1 comment:

  1. I totally downloaded the Glee Christmas soundtrack the SECOND it was available. This might be old fashioned of me, but I was really shocked that Puck and Rachel so casually sang Christmas Carols... BUT, I love almost every single song they sang. And the episode made me really happy, too.

    I think you've had a very productive week! Especially learning how to drive in 4 inch heels. That's impressive.