Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brightening the Winter Beauty Blues

First off: NOTD - China Glaze Seaspray

Did this late last night and consequently have some sheet marks, so I'll be adding another top coat sometime today. All the swatches I've seen of this online have leaned more gray; it looks fairly bright on me but I like it. Two coats with one coat of Nubar Diamont on top. 

Tried out one of the Katy Perry shades along with the Black Shatter last week, just on my thumbs (I have to maintain at least a semblance of trying to look professional). Here's Not Like the Movies pre-Shatter:  

And post-Shatter: 

I love it! It looks better than what I've seen online. What surprised me was that it cracks almost immediately. I'll definitely do a full set of Shatter on the weekend soon. I'm glad I pre-ordered this online because I hear it's selling out everywhere--although I did see it at Ulta yesterday.

Speaking of which, I found this in Ulta's clearance aisle while I was there: 

This Too Faced set came in a black vinyl bag and contained an eyeshadow duo, a bronzer/illuminator duo, a lip gloss, a lipstick, an eyeliner, a mascara and a mini tube of Shadow Insurance, their famed eyeshadow primer. I had been planning to get Shadow Insurance because I've heard raves about it. Since all this was just $15.99 on clearance I decided to do the set. I don't think I'll use the lipstick; it's a pale pearly pink shade that will make my lips look invisible; and the bronzer I doubt will work on me but I'm looking forward to trying out the rest. 

Also at Ulta, the most amazing thing happened. 

They're carrying the One Less Lonely Girl collection from Nicole by OPI and Justin Bieber! I grabbed one for my niece, but then somehow I came home with one for me as well; so weird! 

I think this one is called The Shape of My Heart or something...they're all named after his songs as far as I can tell. It's packed with little confetti hearts. Love it. Will post when I try it out. 

None of this will melt the mountains of snow around my house but my mood is definitely brightening. 

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  1. oh wow, if only I painted my all. The Katie Perry ones look super cool!