Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well, this was a week. First week back in the office after being away for our big convention. Monday was a holiday, was in the office three days, then I took Friday as a Mommy's Day Off. This weekend I felt...down. Out of it. Disengaged. Blue. I self-medicated with the following:

  1. Caffeine. I've been off diet soda for a while, but had two big glasses this weekend to try to keep my mood up in the afternoons. 
  2. Crazy nails. 

Picked up these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickie thingies last week on a fun CVS trip with a co-worker. Home on my own Friday night, I decided to have a little mani party. They were really easy to put on and I think they're a lot of fun. However, I'm already thinking about taking them off! I just want to have different polish on. I'll definitely get these again--although I'll be trying a different brand. Tonight at Rite-Aid I saw the ones that KISS makes (not the band, sadly) and they had better prints at a better price point. 

3. Speaking of Rite-Aid, I headed there tonight after the little one's bedtime in search of goodies. And I found them! 

Wish I could remember which of the (many, many) nail polish blogs I read posted about these. What's funny is how obvious they are about ripping off Tokidoki. The polishes were $1.99 and I got Steal This Teal. Might try it out tonight. I also found one of the new Wet n' Wild eyeshadow trios in Silent Treatment, which the lovely Scrangie posted about recently. They're supposed to be foolproof, but I have absolutely zero eyeshadow application skillz, so we'll see. 

4.  Cheap thrills and floral prints. 

Hit the mall today for some distraction and picked up these lovelies at Forever 21. Now you might think they're both the same, but they are NOT; one is bigger print, one is smaller. At $1.50 each, I couldn't afford to leave either option behind. :) I also bought a Kind of Weird Dress; more on that tomorrow. 

And that bring us to right now, where I'm enjoying a glass of wine and a grilled cheese. I'm hoping to get myself in gear this week...although first I think I need to define what "get in gear" means for me. One thing I definitely will do this week is post my "Things I Want to Do in 2011" list, because I think that will help me work towards accomplishing some of them. 

If you read this, I truly thank you. I hope YOU had a happy, beautiful weekend!


  1. I want those nail effects SO BAD.

  2. I know what you mean about sucks. I need something to jumpstart my blah self. And...the nail effects were cute.