Monday, January 17, 2011

Heartbreak Hotels

I'm back from a week-long trip to Orlando for work. I returned to a sweet toddler, a dirty house, and these little prezzies:

Two polishes from my Three Free order from Zoya, and my new glasses from Warby Parker. I ordered five more samples from WP a few weeks ago and ended up choosing these. Naturally, they were the ones I originally liked the best online but didn't order because I thought I wanted something "quirkier." First thought, best thought! 

Here's a close up of the bottles: 

Drew and Crystal. The third, Edyta, is on backorder. Crystal went on my toes last night and although it's not my usual style, I like it. Sparkly. I didn't do a mani this week because I got an OPI Axxium gel manicure last weekend before my trip!

Mine's the big mitt in the bottom left. I got You Don't Know Jacques! and it's still intact, although the growth space is bothering me. I also scuffed them a little while fishing entry forms out of our big rolly prize giveaway thing at the show. I highly recommend the Axxium if you're planning a trip or just want your nails to look nice for awhile. 

Overall the conference was...well, I'm still thinking about it. First of all, neither of my suit pants fit. I mean, they fit ON me but were too tight and I felt ridiculous. Total VPL. And it was really cold in Orlando almost the whole time I was there. Some things made me happy: 

Florals from home.

Sushi and wine with a dear friend. And then pizza. 

Spokescharacter sightings.

Drinks with umbrellas. 

Next year I hope to be lighter. 


  1. yay Snoopy and Pink Panther! so not totally high marks for IBS? that's no good...and cold...bleh...I'm cold now...

  2. Are you tickling the Pink Panther? Pervy.