Monday, November 8, 2010

30 for 30 Day One: In a Room With Some Lace and Paper Flowers

Sometimes I like to play a game called "What Would Stevie Nicks Wear to the Office?" It's fun! I think she might wear this, but with a fringey shawl and some platform boots:

My first 30 for 30 remix: Carnival dress (DownEast Basics), long gray cardi (Target clearance), black tights, black pumps (not pictured because I did not give my husband appropriate photo instructions). Big brown plastic bangle (also not pictured, same reason), and this necklace, which was my grandmother's:


  1. I remember that necklace fondly. So amazing how it transistions so easily from 1989 hippie goth chic to 2010 snazzy office wear. You go Grandma !