Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comfort Zone

30 for 30 Day 4: First of all, I really need to work on my poses.

I really was not trying to showcase the girls. I like the way this dress looks against a solid background, so I was trying to make that more apparent. Anyhoo...

Another day, another dress with another long cardigan and another pendant on a long chain. I know the point of the 30 for 30 exercise is to try out new combos and put things together that you normally wouldn't have thought of, and I know I'll do more of that. But I am actually really happy that I've found a "look" that I like and that I think flatters me. I'm 37 and I've spent too many years hating what's in my closet and how I look. It took me a long time--too long--to get into this comfort zone and I'm happy to be here.

No, that's not someone I know in the pendant. I got it at a jewelry show (The Gem Show, to my Tucson peeps) years ago. The ring is amber. And you can't tell, but on my nails is Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal.

Oh, and the tights are purple!

1 comment:

  1. very snazzy, and with the hairdo, welcome to swanky town. You are my clothing hero, by the way.