Sunday, November 7, 2010

Church Fair Score!

My church held its annual Fall Fair yesterday and we picked up a few choice items.

Tiny plastic mod chairs, just right for Playmobil people. Ten cents each!

Purple plastic canvas key ring and a sweet pearly brooch. I'm a little nostalgic about plastic canvas; my stepdad's grandmother sent me some things (coasters and something else I can't remember) when I was little so I get the warm fuzzies when I see it out in the world. And this key ring is pretty tame compared to some other items of the same ilk I've seen.

We also picked up a stuffed alligator that the little one attached herself to. Total spend: $2.95! Bless you, Fall Fair!


  1. I am so disappointed those chairs are not full size!

    I'm sentimental about plastic canvas too. My grandmother taught us to do it on a vacation, and we made coasters my parents still have!

  2. The day after I put my keys on that keyring, I LOST MY KEYS. And I never lose my keys! They are still MIA! Now I'll have to wait 'til next year to get another fab plastic canvas key ring!