Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Necessary Purchase

Now that the chill in the air's getting chillier, and shaving one's legs is optional, I need tights and socks on a daily basis. I discovered this week that my stash of black tights has whittled itself down to a minimum with one slightly small, slightly runny pair, one intact but old and tired-looking pair and two textured pairs with holes that mostly don't show but sometimes do. So I convinced a friend to join me on a lunch-hour jaunt to Filene's Basement today where I snagged (ha!) these:

A two-pack of plain black tights, a two-pack of knee socks (one purple cable, one with purple/grey dotted hearts) and a super cute pair of Betsey Johnson over-the-knee socks that I fell in love with even though they were $9.99 for only one pair. But look! Big pink roses! Here's to warm legs and tootsies 'til spring.

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