Monday, November 22, 2010


First day of a paid week off. Today I ran errands and picked up some things I need for my trip to see my folks for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I have an eye appointment, then hope to spend most of the day cleaning and organizing my house. Wednesday I'll be making rolls, muffins, savory mushroom gravy and some other treats, and cooking my Celebration Roast.'ll be nothing but jeans and blah for the next few days. But I'll try to post some pictures just for fun. Plus hopefully a mani shot if I have time--even though my auntie and I are getting mani/pedis on Friday!

For now, I'd like to share what, right now, is extremely close to my dream outfit:

This is a shot of Rachel Roy in the December 2010 issue of Lucky. She's wearing everything I'm obsessed with right now: big chunky sweater, print dress, boots, big glasses. In my case, I'd probably go longer on the dress and slightly shorter on the sweater, as I am not as statuesque as Ms. Roy. But it's really close to perfect. Brava!

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