Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I Accomplished Last Week

  1. One full week of the 30 for 30 Challenge. I might have an off day tomorrow. Except I can't find the belt I need for the outfit I have in mind. Sigh.
  2. Made another batch of zucchini muffins! 
  3. Supervised while my husband and our nephews and niece raked the front and back yards.
  4. Tried out my first RBL haul polish: Teal. It was gorgeous, applied like a dream, and I wish I could show you a picture but all the shots I took were terrible. I need a new camera. And also, photography skills.
  5. Bought my Celebration Roast for Thanksgiving! Which involved driving to a tiny little place in a warehouse strip mall in Rockville and waiting while an adorable girl with "VEGAN" tatooed across her chest went in back to retrieve it from the freezer for me. Way to keep the faith, honey.
Random shots from 11/8 to 11/14:

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